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Glacier Monitoring 2012

July 24-25, Tues-Wed:  Glacier Monitoring on the Mt. Rearguard Glacier

This is a quick in and out trip to the Mt. Rearguard Glacier up on the Hellroaring Plateau.  Tuesday night a small team will drive up the 4WD road onto the Hellroaring Plateau and spend the night near the trailhead.  The next day the group will hike into the glacier on the northeast flank of Mt. Rearguard, conduct a number of scientific measurements on the ice, and hike out that evening.  We could use one more volunteer for this project, so let us know as soon as possible.  It is a gorgeous place atop the Hellroaring Plateau with rugged peaks and a beautiful string of lakes.


August 16-19, Thursday-Sunday:  Glacier Monitoring on the Grasshopper Glacier

ABWF is in its second year of assisting a team of Forest Service scientists and researchers from Rocky Mountain College in an on-going project involving the monitoring of several glaciers in the Beartooth high country.  Drs. Tom and Jennifer Lyman will lead a group of students and volunteers to collect data on the West Grasshopper Glacier north of Cooke City.  Volunteers will need to backpack into the Goose Lake area, with assistance from the Beartooth Backcountry Horsemen who will be packing in the scientific equipment and camping gear into this remote area.  From base camp at Little Goose Lake, volunteers will assist in taking in scientific monitoring equipment up to the glacier and then help the team conduct their survey of the glacial ice.  This 3-4 day project requires that the volunteer is willing to camp out in the high-elevation backcountry.  The site is fairly remote and requires a long and involved approach for the horse team to the glacial site.  We need a small number of assistants to help, so record your interest early.

For more on the on-going Glacier Project sponsored by the ABWF and the Cinnabar Foundation, go to: Glacier Monitoring of Climate Change.

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