Programs Director & Trail Crew Leader

The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation (ABWF) in Red Lodge, MT is seeking a seasonal, full-time individual for the summer to lead ~10-14 trail projects (single-day and multi-day projects) per summer, working with untrained volunteers on trail-building and maintenance, weed-eradication, and backcountry rehabilitation projects in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. We employ a workforce that is composed largely of volunteers from all over the region & country who are willing to join us in doing physically strenuous trail-work. We are a close partner with the Custer Gallatin National Forest on all work that we do.

The ABWF needs a capable outdoors person who will plan and organize the trips, help lead the trail work efforts and facilitate our volunteers’ experiences–providing leadership, and ensuring safety in a backcountry environment. Trip leadership is a must. We’re looking for someone with reasonable knowledge and experience in trail-work. Most important of all we’re looking for someone with great “people skills”; i.e. someone who is gregarious and willing to make the experience safe, fun, and fulfilling for the volunteer and who is passionate about Wilderness and capable of being ‘the face’ of wilderness volunteerism for the ABWF.

Administrative Assistant

The Executive Director of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation is seeking part-time office assistance to help manage a small but growing non-profit based in Red Lodge, Montana. The ABWF is a “Friends-Of” conservation group that seeks to raise public awareness and support of the A-B Wilderness through volunteer stewardship efforts such as trail building & maintenance and educating the public to be better stewards of these special lands. We want to ensure that the A-B Wilderness remains as wild, enjoyable, and essential for generations to come.

The E.D. is currently the only staff of the ABWF and needs a capable assistant to share the load of managing an organization. Someone who can come in and take over many of the time-consuming duties that keep the E.D. from pursuing a more sustainable future for the ABWF through fund-raising, building partnerships and relationships, outreach, and developing programs. There’s room for growth and taking on a broader range of duties by a motivated individual.

I’m looking for someone who is organized and can help impart some of that organizational expertise onto me, someone who can help me grow into a more organized non-profit leader. Someone with a broad array of skills and interests who’s not afraid to accept tasks outside the box in order to tackle the challenges that come up day to day (i.e. capable of driving to a trailhead to deliver forgotten equipment on a moment’s notice, or figure out how to represent data in a more visual way for a Board meeting). Someone who can identify inefficiencies and suggest alternative ways to meet a task.