At the ABWF, we like to say that we “provide varied volunteer opportunities which will actively engage and connect those who appreciate and enjoy the Wilderness in deeper, more meaningful ways.” Whether you volunteer on a trail project, attend one of our events, take part in a lesson about Wilderness or Leave No Trace, or become a Trail Ambassador, our goal is to strengthen your connection to and advocacy for this amazing place!

Volunteers help Custer Gallatin staff construct a turnpike on the Knox Lake trail near Gardiner

As a Wilderness Stewardship organization, the ABWF is dedicated to “Boots-on-the-Ground” work on behalf of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Our projects fall into one of a handful of categories:

  • Trail Building and Maintenance of wilderness trails.
    Day-Long: Limited on time? Help out for a day. Get outside and help to improve trails, eliminate weeds, and have fun while doing it!
    Multi-Day: Enjoy good views, good company, while making a difference. Most trips food is provided and horses help haul the gear.
  • Wilderness Internships — Work primarily as part of a Forest Service Trail crew, and help with ABWF projects from June through August.
  • Educational Outreachprograms, both indoors and outdoors, that build awareness, appreciation, and care for our precious Wilderness resources.
  • Trail Ambassadors — providing information & educating Wilderness users in Leave No Trace and best practices at popular trailheads.
  • Other Volunteer Opportunities
  • Eradication of Invasive Weeds that threaten Wilderness integrity.
  • Citizen Science efforts in which volunteers help scientists collect data that contribute to our better understanding the A-B Wilderness.
  • Artists-in-Residence — creative stays at Forest Service cabins that provide Wilderness inspiration for a few chosen artists each summer.
  • The Absaroka-Beartooth Atlas — An upcoming publication that overlays essays and artwork onto geographical maps highlighting pertinent themes to the A-B Wilderness.
  • Replacing faded Wilderness Signs around the Custer Gallatin National Forest.

Sign up for our projects. If you have any questions, ask us!