**2024 Artist In Residence Program Update**

In recent years, our innovative Artists in Residence program, or “AIR”, has encountered some unprecedented challenges. Starting with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the next summer witnessed a one in 1,000 year flood that wrecked havoc across the greater AB area, including ABWF and USFS capacity. Additionally, changes in the Forest Service lodging options means we are currently unable to provide housing for our artists. Yet, to quote painter Marc Chagall, “Great art picks up where nature ends.

We are working hard to present a scaled down version of the program as early as June 2024, just in time for summer in the high country. We are currently ironing out details and will update the website as soon as we can. We are still encouraging those that are interested to send in a letter of interest.


Historically, this unique program provided two or three artists a 7-day immersion in the wilderness. Artists were stationed either at the Cooke City forest service cabin, the Meyer’s Creek Cabin, or the Box Canyon cabin. This immersion provided time for the artists’ thoughtful reflection and development of their work. The solitude and beauty of uninterrupted Wilderness serbes to inspire musical compositions, prose, photographs or paintings.

Past Artists