We condemn the police killing of George Floyd. Black Lives Matter, and police brutality has no place in America.

Wilderness, parks, and public lands are sources of wellbeing for those who access them. Along with our partners, we will continue in our efforts to make the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness a space that is equally safe, welcoming, and accessible to all people, regardless of color.

It can be difficult for many to understand that accessing the Wilderness with ease is a privilege. Below are links to perspectives from outdoors people of color who have generously put in the work to educate others about their experiences, illuminating the racism that pervades wild spaces. 

We look forward to working with you toward a world out of doors that is racially just. 

To Diversify the Outdoors, We Have to Think About Who We’re Excluding – Ambreen Tariq @browngirlshike

Five Ways to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive – Various Contributors

Black Women and the Wilderness – Evelyn C. White

A Black Traveler Confronts Racism at a Montana Resort

5 Tips For Being An Ally – Chesca Leigh

Richard Lyon, Interim President, on behalf of the Board of Directors