E Fork Mill Creek Trail Project

East Fork Mill Creek, Trail #51
Aug 31, 2022 – Sep 6, 2022

Close To: Pray, Emigrant, Gardiner, Livingston

Spots Available: 3/7

Description: Leaving from the East Fork Mill Creek Trailhead, we will hike six miles up East Fork Mill Creek Trail #51 to set up a basecamp near this trail's intersection with Anderson Ridge Trail #54. From here, we will ascend the Anderson Ridge Trail each day to brush and clear trail, working within a few miles of our basecamp. Our overnight camping gear will be carried in (8/31) and out (9/6) by the Beartooth Backcountry Horsemen, a volunteer club that generously assists with our volunteer projects.

Work: On this project, we will primarily be "brushing," which involves lopping and sawing brush and small trees encroaching the trail. We will also clear downed trees and clean water bars as needed. Difficulty: Less Strenuous. The six-mile approach and exit from the worksite is relatively gentle, slightly gaining elevation with the creek on the hike in. The work itself will be relatively close to the campsite (within 3-4 miles) and is less strenuous than on some other projects.

Meeting time & location: 9:00 a.m. at East Fork Mill Creek Trailhead

Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for this project (anymore).