East Rosebud Weekend Weedpull

East Rosebud #15 - Weekend Weedpull
Jul 15, 2023 – Jul 15, 2023

Close To: Roscoe, Absarokee, Columbus, Red Lodge

Spots Available: 10/10

NOTE: Temporary closures from 2022 Flood damage remain in effect to date -- project subject to change/cancellation.

Description: This most popular trail in the A-B and follows the Wild and Scenic East Rosebud Creek. It is also prone to spread of Knapweed and Thistle. The ABWF and Beartooth Ranger District have been teaming up for years to control this weed outbreak. Come learn about invasive weeds, get some good work done, and enjoy one of the most dramatic drainages in the A-B.

Work: On this single-day project, we will survey, identify, and pull/spray invasive weeds on the first 2 miles of the East Rosebud Trail up to Elk Lake. Forest Service staff will handle the spraying, while volunteers will do the pulling.

Difficulty: Less strenuous: We will hike a round-trip total of three miles and be pulling weeds not too far off the trail.

Meeting time & location: 9:00 a.m. at the East Rosebud Trailhead

Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for this project (anymore).