Lake Abundance Trail Project

Lake Abundance Creek Trail #389 (Round One)
Jul 22, 2021 – Jul 28, 2021

Status: Full, Accepting Waitlist

Work: On this project, we will support a Forest Service trail crew to reroute a half mile section of trail and remove a puncheon (wooden walkway used to cross wet areas). The wood and materials that made up the old puncheon will be removed by horse packers who assist the project.

Description: Leaving from the Lake Abundance Trailhead (from Cooke City), we will hike six miles to our base camp and worksite, which lies at the confluence of Lake Abundance Creek Trail #389 and Horseshoe Trail #109. We will work within a half mile of our campsite each day. Our overnight camping gear will be carried in (7/22) and out (7/28) by horse packers who assist the project.

Difficulty: More strenuous. While the six-mile hike to and from the work site is not particularly challenging, the work of rerouting trail and removing puncheon material is on the more difficult side. If you are interested in this project but concerned about your ability to do the work, please email [email protected] and we can talk it through! Let's get after it!

Group size: Seven Volunteers

Meeting time & location: 8:00 a.m. at the Colter Campground. The approach to the Lake Abundance Trailhead requires a vehicle with clearance and is most easily done with 4WD. While we cannot encourage volunteers to carpool, please contact us if this is a concern and we can work to find a solution!

Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for this project (anymore).