Citizen Science

Need another reason to go into the A-B Wilderness? How about helping collect data in the backcountry using GIS equipment? Volunteer for one of our “Citizen-Science” trips we have planned for this summer. You will join a small team, headed by a trained Wilderness Leader from the University of Montana’s Wilderness Institute. Together you will backpack into a remote area for five days and collect data on the level of user-impacts and the quality of the Wilderness experience at many of our backcountry sites in the A-B Wilderness.

Citizen-Science is a term that describes utilizing untrained, citizen-volunteers with a passion for their wild lands to assist trained scientists in collecting data on a whole host of scientific subjects. To date, we have used volunteers on projects reintroducing native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, studying the fragile glaciers in the high Beartooths, better understanding the extent of disease on threatened whitebark pines, and helping the Forest Service gather data about where in the A-B Wilderness the greatest user impacts are found.

We are still working out details for our 2021 Citizen Science Program. Check back for updates!