Trail Projects

Each year, ABWF volunteers, staff, and Forest Service trail-crew members venture out to disparate corners of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness with saws and pulaskis in-hand to clear trail, clean drains, and assist with trail construction. On our projects, volunteers learn trail building techniques practiced by crews in the Custer-Gallatin Forest, while experiencing firsthand the thought, intention, and hard work that goes into maintaining our incredible trail system. Expect to learn and work during the day, eat delicious food around great company, and rest your head each night in a beautiful spot in the Absaroka-Beartooth. 

2022 Trail Projects

ProjectRanger DistrictTrip Start DateTrip End DateTrip LengthDifficultyOpen Spots
Line Creek BasinBeartoothApril 28May 25 DaysModerately StrenuousFull, Accepting Waitlist

Main Stillwater River
BeartoothJune 25July 17 DaysMore StrenuousFull, Accepting Waitlist
Meatrack MeadowsYellowstoneJuly 6July 127 DaysModerately StrenuousFull, Accepting Waitlist
Cooke City Trail ClearingGardinerJuly 21 July 255 DaysLess StrenuousFull, Accepting Waitlist
Lake AbundanceBeartoothAugust 4August 9 6 DaysModerately Strenuous3/7
Fox LakeGardinerAugust 18August 236 DaysModerately StrenuousFull, Accepting Waitlist
E Fork Mill CreekYellowstoneAugust 31September 67 DaysLess Strenuous3/7
2022 Single-Day Weed Projects
Suce Creek Weed PullYellowstoneJuly 9July 91 DayLess Strenuous10/10
Bassett Creek Weed PullGardinerJuly 16July 161 DayLess Strenuous7/10
East Rosebud Weed PullBeartoothJuly 16July 161 DayLess Strenuous10/10
*Upon registration for multi-day projects, ABWF staff will contact volunteers to submit a $25 refundable deposit, which they can choose to get back or donate upon completing the project
Trail projects with the ABWF are
  1. Accessible: Volunteers pay nothing to attend, and we welcome folks with a wide range of backcountry experience. If you are new to the outdoors, we encourage you to get in touch to see if a project like this could be a good fit ([email protected])! We also have some supplemental gear that we borrow out to volunteers.
  2. Productive: We train volunteers how to use their tools and bodies safely and efficiently. Our goal is to do quality work that will leave our trails in good shape for decades to come. 
  3. A Great Time: You betcha! Working hard in the backcountry lends itself well to great conversations, satisfying meals, stunning views, and new friends.