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The ABWF thrives on the good work of volunteers. We believe that getting volunteers like you actively involved in your wild lands connects you in a deeper, more lasting way. And makes all of us better stewards of precious places like the Absaroka-Beartooths! Consider volunteering for one of our single-day or multi-day work projects.

ABWF Volunteers working alongside a Forest Service trail crew in 2014

We work hard to accommodate anyone who wishes to volunteer. Groups are welcome as well as families. The work tends to be best suited for teens or older—people who can be fairly self-sufficient hikers/campers. Younger kids are welcome on day-long trips. You will be required to sign a volunteer agreement to ensure you are acting on behalf of the Forest Service. If you have any questions, contact us!

These projects are currently open for sign-up!:

Here are 5 reasons you should join us on one of our trips…

  1. Tangible results. You will know that you accomplished something at the end of the day!
  2. Safety and Fun in numbers. Many people who love the outdoors might still be intimidated to spend more than a day out for fear of foul weather, getting lost, or maybe grizzly bears. Participate in our group trips and set those fears aside, learn new skills, and get to know new people.
  3. FREE! Adventures like this for FREE? That’s right! We provide the food on all multi-day trips. All you do is meet us, provide your own camping gear, and we handle the rest. We’ll even coordinate car-pooling when possible.
  4. Experiences for all abilities. Our trips vary in difficulty. We offer easier day-projects and citizen science projects, as well as multi-day trips which can be physically quite strenuous! BUT fear not… Every project has tasks that engage all abilities. With everyone’s help we get a lot done!
  5. We make it easy! We have horses pack in all our tools, food—even sleeping bags and tents! You hike in with a much lighter pack. Even if you are not a backpacker or capable of carrying a lot, these trips can still be great ways to see the backcountry and build your wilderness skills.