Specimen Creek

Specimen Creek #84 - Flood Repairs
Aug 17, 2023 – Aug 21, 2023

Title: Specimen Creek #84

District: Gardiner Ranger District

Dates: Thursday August 17 - Monday August 21

Close to: Gardiner, Livingston

Spots Available: 6/6

Description: The June 14, 2022 Floods damaged 3 sections of Specimen Creek Trail #84 near Gardiner, MT. The trail is a primary access route for the Hellroaring Creek Drainage that sees routine use from multiple permitted outfitters as well as foot and stock traffic from the general public. Needed repairs include tread work on washed out trails, water bar reconstruction, and some minor trail realignment on 3 sections spread over 3 miles within the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Volunteers will camp in the backcountry at one of the outfitter camps.

Work: We will be using picks and shovels to dig trail, and sledges and buckets to break and move rocks for treadwork and erosion control.

Difficulty: Strenuous. This will be physically demanding work at sites spread across a length of backcountry trail, with heavy hand tool use and heavy lifting.

Meeting time & location: 9:00 a.m. at the USFS Gardiner Ranger Station

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